Hey! It’s us 😉

Who are we, where did we come from and what are we up to?

We are Polish adventure freaks living in Great Britain. A few years ago has “sparked” between us thanks to … motorcycle spark plug (this is another story for a long, winter evening). A common passion for motorcycles, paragliding, mountains, adrenaline, travelling and widely understood activity 😉 became our bond. From many remarkable hobbies, two came to a front and joined in motorcycle journeys. And so for the last 6 years, we have been going together through life on four (each on their two) wheels.

It is been said that groundbreaking events revaluate human life. Something very important happened to us too and we confirm that it is. This upheaval in our life has planted the idea in our minds, which sprouted until it became a real planning! We are going around the world on motorcycles! The name of our expedition “Long Way Home” is our guiding idea. In February 2020 we close the chapter of life in England and head home in Krakow – around, because through the world. It would be too boring just to get on a plane and fly there in 2 hours. 😉 A long, but hopefully fascinating road awaits us.

We have already travelled through various places, but only after reaching Iceland we understood this desire. The land of ice and fire was ticked on Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere … It was epic! … though with a small hitch. The passenger’s role disagreed with us. We were pulling the handlebar out from each other hands, preaching each other about the ride techniques, counting down minutes to next rider–passenger swap. One big chaos! And where is chaos, there we look for a compromise. So we made a decision and exchanged one heavy bike for two more agile KTMs 690 Enduro R. Now everyone has its own toy and is happy as a pig in a mud. 🙂

The most important thing for us when on a journey is a touch of wild nature and expanse, which gives us a feeling of freedom. We want to explore places and cultures, to see them the way they really are. We want to meet our readers and other passionate people to learn from them. Maybe form new friendships. We want to experience new emotions, sensations, live like the world will allow us, learn new skills, go through unexpected situations, learn  to cooperate and to be self-sufficient, explore the world and ourselves.

We are happy you have joined us. Come back, read, write comments, accompany us in preparation and journey around the world. Maybe you will plan your life adventure! If any of the articles inspires you, we will be more than happy, we could contribute to your next step towards achieving your desire. We will see, that our idea, which guides us is right. We strongly believe, that if we, ordinary people are able to fulfil our dreams, so you can as well.

Excuses are and will always be because everyone feels good in its comfort zone. We also have a million pretexts not to go. The first is the lack of experience – so far we travelled mainly by road motorbikes, only last fall we bought Enduro and we start to learn, quite “slickly”. The second excuse is money – we have not inherited a fortune from a great-great-grandmother. We do not have a rich aunt in America who could spare some change for us. We roll up our sleeves and work hard (no, not in a corporation). Łukasz’s mechanism of delayed gratification works without the slightest fault! By his persistence, he motivates me to do the same. We give up many pleasures now to receive a better reward later. (…) First million excuse is the fact that we know travels mainly from civilized Europe. We did not have much contact with distant countries that will appear on our route. As you can see, there are exactly one million excuses. 😉

And yet it does not stop us from fulfilling the dream. Sure, it will not always be easy. But we believe that the reward received in return is worth the effort.

As you are probably aware, English is not our first language. 😉 Please, forgive us mistakes and BAD, BAD translations. 😀 We do our best!