Excuse me, which way to the world?

We started to run our finger across the map and it turns out that it is not so easy. Well, touching a coloured sheet of paper is as easy as taking candy from a baby! But real route planning requires more than a few moments. You will not be able to pass through communist China on your own, Afghanistan is dangerous, legal transport through the Bering Strait does not exist… Thus, which way to go to spend the most time on land?

We have marked perhaps a million spots on the map, which we would like to see. Many, because we started doing it before a plan of a motorcycle trip around the world occurred to us. Finally, we combined these dots and one big zig-zag appeared. Like from the hand of a child holding his first crayon. But the outline of our route has already been created and you can see it under this link.

For sure, we will not stick rigidly to our route. Let’s the world decides where to invite us. It can be time spent with local residents. Perhaps we will meet you staying somewhere in an unknown village on an unknown (?!) continent. Or a personality will invite us to his villa – obscenely rich, but even more modest, what we experienced on a motorcycle tour of the Balkans. Or we will join the motorcycle tribe and travel with them some piece of the world. There are plenty of possibilities. We are flexible, open and curious about the world!

Consequently, we also do not want to stick rigidly to the time frame. Maybe we will travel a year, maybe two years or maybe life. Either a place will delight us so much that we decide to stay for a long time and call it home…

Way back home