Preparations in full progress


Next spring we are going on a motorcycle trip around the world. We are planning, considering, making decisions, arranging documents, organising transport, and in general, we are preparing. And before, we organise a small Eurotrip test that will verify what we miss, what we need to improve and what is unnecessary.

At first, as the direction we considered our favourite Scandinavia, but eventually, we decided to go Balkans. The planned route goes through France, Italy, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. There, we will register the motorcycles to polish plates and leave them in our friend’s garage (thanks Rysiu!). They will be waiting for their shipment to North America.

It is warm in southern Europe at this time of year and we would not need winter clothes. But we pack as if we were already going around the world taking also warm clothes. With all the luggage the motorcycles look really good. Only the luggage weighs about 40 kg… Well, we will have to figure out how to slim them down.

For now, I present you a trip journal.

Test Eurotrip 08-09/2019, part 1.

Test Eurotrip 08-09/2019, part 2.