Changes and modifications – what and why

This section belongs to me!! YEAH BABY. The preparation of motorcycles rests on my shoulders. It became my hobby, my passion and perversion. Sometimes I feel that I am exaggerating a bit with the hours I spend with our steeds. But damn, I like it!! I find stress here, I find relaxation, a break after “failure” and satisfaction with successful changes. But the most important thing is that I see the meaning of what I do. With each change or modification, I am getting closer to the point where I will be able to say: we are ready to go.

And here, at the very beginning, I want to say big THANKS – to nobody else but Monia. For accepting my daily routine, for understanding, for help. Yes, yes. Dinner will not make itself, sandwiches for work too and many other situations that I do not mention. I would not stand a chance to get that far without you.

The information contained in the workshop section, dear reader, is a reflection of certain data from motorcycle forums, my thoughts, needs and naive imagination. You will find modifications from other people riding KTMs, you will find the changes that I decided to introduce myself, on my own initiative. If you are already planning your trip and you like any of the ideas, solutions or hints, feel free to use the information you will find in a moment. Improve, try. Perhaps you are already a traveller and have experience that can help us! Let me know, write to us. Maybe thanks to you, our motorcycles will become safer and indestructible. If you do not think about a long trip yet then start!! It will drag you in!!

“[…] Each of us should build a boat and fu.. off on a cruise. During the cruise, he should experience an adventure, … of his life, get to the port where he will rest and will be remembering the adventure of his life. It’s kind of cool, but it’s not cool at the same time, what’s the … adventure of life? But I explain one important thing.

[…] , the boat that you will sail on should be made by yourself personally. Why? Because if there is a fault during your adventure, you, as the author, …, the owner of your own boat, will be able to fix everything at the time. You know your own boat, you know how to fix it, you know how to improve it … “

Jakub Czarodziej, “How long will you delay?” – translated from Polish

Although I heard this text after we had already started to plan our trip and some changes in motorcycles, it was very much in line with my technical preparation concept. Build your own motorcycle yourself !! Ok, no exaggeration, I’m not an engineer, I’m far from a mechanic or an electrician. But I can do some of the improvements or at least part of them by myself and with the help of friends. Maybe it will not look as beautiful as if I pulled out my wallet and paid a lot of money for parts and modifications. Maybe it will look uglier comparing to a motorcycle of other travellers we meet on the road. It does not bother me, because we do not change these motorcycles to pick up some girls in a bar. In addition, it should be less attractive to the “amateurs of someone’s property”.

I give myself some time to prepare and learn, so if anything goes wrong while on a road I will have a chance to fix it without getting help or pushing motorcycle 20 km to the nearest village 🙂 And hey, whatever I will not be able to do myself, there are mechanics around the world who hopefully will know what to do 😉

It is often forgotten to mention that a workshop is also a place where what we want, does not match the budget limit set for modifications. It is constant looking for solutions to our capabilities, setting priorities. When it is necessary and important, to find the best items at the most reasonable price. And another time, looking through second-hand item market or peeking into the Asian part of the world, to limit the growing costs.

And ultimately the workshop is a responsibility. For the condition of our motorcycles – obvious. For the success of the trip – to a large extent. For safety – after all, we are going to conquer the world on them. Actions taken here will have a huge impact on the development of events on the road.