Honey, yesterday I left the motorcycle upright!

Hehe, I remembered Monika’s situation from a few months ago. 😀 In short – she had to replace the clutch lever after leaving motorcycle overnight on the grass. In the morning it turned out that the soft soil is not strong enough to support Suzuki Bandit weight left on its side stand and the bike fell to the side. A simple plate, a large stone, a bit of flat wood or even a jar lid placed under the foot would give the surface big enough to hold the bike upright. Subject well known by us, but on this day forgotten. (more…)

Rocker arms update

The new rocker arms do the job – they push the valves 😀 , the rollers turn flawlessly, I could not find any unnecessary play when checked them. Like in the sweetest dream. I will not say a bad word, although I am aware that their durability will not allow us to ride through the world without the need to have them replaced along the way. (more…)

Devon in Great Britain – first drone experience

Three months ago, the world stopped. At one moment we all lost what was usual and ordinary for us – the ability to travel freely and meet other people. Everyone had some plans and everyone had to postpone or modify them. As most of you know, we also planned a motorcycle trip around the world. It was supposed to start last spring, but we believe all is not lost that is delayed. We are on our toes and wait for the green light to be able to start our adventure. But how long? Hard to predict. Nowadays planning even the next week is uncertain. The situation in the world changes dynamically every day. (more…)

Fuel tank update

The fuel tanks finally found their place on motorcycles after months of lying on the garage floor. Few weeks before leaving on KTMs from the UK, I installed tanks so during next several trips we were able to get used to the new character of riding with the added weight in front. (more…)

Adjusting the plan

Everything was going according to plan almost like a Swiss watch, until to the last moment. We have sent all our belongings to Poland, Łukasz gave notice at his work, I have sold the business. We moved out of the house. Last three weeks we were going to live with friends while waiting for a flight to Poland. (more…)

Way back home

We got it! We present you the outline of the “long way home” route we want to travel during our motorcycle journey. Of course, this is just an idea. A plan that we will not stick to rigidly, but we leave space for unexpected events, which probably we will remember for the longest time. After all, the best adventures happen when are unplanned and unexpected, do not they? 😉 (more…)