The Land of Fire and Ice

It always drew us north. To areas that are harder to reach, wild and not so popular. North will not fool you. Its harsh climate does not allow to create artificial holiday resorts, luxury hotels and warm pools surrounded by tall palm trees. We do not look for this. In the north, we meet the real beauty of nature and wild climate. And this one has a certain magic of mystery, which irresistibly attracts us …

The farther, the better, that is why our next choice falls on Iceland. Only Greenland is less than 300 km further…

Phenomenal waterfalls, huge glaciers, exploding geysers, hot geothermal fields, active volcanoes, it is Iceland! Unfriendly and sinister island, and there two opposing elements – ice and fire!

We present you with a day after day motorcycle trip to Iceland seen with our own eyes.

The South

The Golden Circle and the North