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Long Way Home - Way back home. The Planned Route around the world

We got it! We present you the outline of the “long way home” route we want to travel during our motorcycle journey. Of course, this is just an idea. A plan that we will not stick to rigidly, but we leave space for unexpected events, which probably we will remember for the longest time. After all, the best adventures happen when are unplanned and unexpected, do not they? 😉

If you are somewhere on our way (1000 km away from the route is our way too!), let us know and we will be happy to meet you!

Why are we heading west? Because we like against the winds. 😉 But seriously, indeed it would seem logical to go east to Asia without being forced to send motorcycles overseas at the very beginning. But…



First of all, we will avoid confusion associated with visas which are required when travelling through Asia. We will travel around the United States with one visa that we have already received. What’s more, the US visa is not required for Poles anymore. Canada and South America do not require it either. Thus after some time (in Asia), when we do all the other work, we will think about further documentation. Beforehand, we will line out something like a routine of travel, pace, compromises between us, verification of expectations, physical and mental condition and so on.


Another reason for choosing this direction are cultural differences. Starting from the West, we probably will not experience such a shock. We will be smoothly going to the next places more and more different from the culture we know.


In addition, the language barrier does not apply to us in the USA, (a little bit!) South America and Australia. Having other concerns at the beginning of the journey, we will not be burdened with the ignorance of the language. Of course, we are aware that the farther, the different languages can resemble more and more sign languages. 😉


Because we will go west, crossing time zones will give us more hours. We will extend the day! … by the time. 😉


The United States is a very expensive country. If there we learn to live minimalistic not exceeding the budget limit, then we will be able to do this even better in Asia.

Carnet de passages

And finally – the Carnet de passage. I should mention it in the beginning, because it was the primary reason for our choice of travel direction. The document for Poles is valid for one year, which does not fit within our travel time frame. It is not required in North and South America so we planned to delay buying the Carnet until where needed. Later we have found that we can also obtain Carnet de passage from Czechs. They do not have a problem with prolonging the validity of the document. We wanted to be clever, and it turned out that there is a simpler solution. 😉


But being honest, we all know that the above arguments could be deflated anyway stating that it is better to start with Asia, which is easy and cheap to travel… 😉

Adjusting the plan

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