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Long Way Home - adjusting the plan and change of the route

Everything was going according to plan almost like a Swiss watch, until to the last moment. We have sent all our belongings to Poland, Łukasz gave notice at his work, I have sold the business. We moved out of the house. Last three weeks we were going to live with friends while waiting for a flight to Poland.

And suddenly it has come… The pandemic surprised us all and forced everyone to verify the plans. We had to act immediately, because just 3 days before loading the motorcycles into containers, the borders were closed in Europe and the USA! Fortunately, in the last minute, we were able to withdraw motorcycles from the customs office! Still packed in crates, they have returned to the warehouse of Moto Birds – a company organising our shipment, and there they are waiting for the development of the situation. However, this is changing day by day. We started to set up plans B, C and D, although no one knows how long this situation can last.

What is delayed, is not going away. We decided to wait out the global crisis and start our adventure in August or September. By that time, we would already find winter and snow in Alaska, which obviously is not conducive to motorcycle travel. So we will reverse the direction and start from South America! Thanks to this “small” modification, we will not miss anything. 😉

Many of you write to us that it is a pity, it is a shame, that they feel sorry for us… Thank you all and we appreciate your concern, but… we do not feel it that way at all! We simply adapted our plan to the new situation. During the journey, we will encounter a lot of turning points, where we will have to quickly make important decisions. And this exemplary training we have before setting off.

And you also be of good cheer. Take care, look after your health and verify your plans. Those that are not important, forget it. Those you care about, do not cancel but defer.

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