Adjusting the plan

Everything was going according to plan almost like a Swiss watch, until to the last moment. We have sent all our belongings to Poland, Łukasz gave notice at his work, I have sold the business. We moved out of the house. Last three weeks we were going to live with friends while waiting for a flight to Poland. (more…)


Way back home

We got it! We present you the outline of the “long way home” route we want to travel during our motorcycle journey. Of course, this is just an idea. A plan that we will not stick to rigidly, but we leave space for unexpected events, which probably we will remember for the longest time. After all, the best adventures happen when are unplanned and unexpected, do not they? 😉 (more…)


Enduro training

Lessons of proper riding in the terrain

We have a lot of experience in motorcycle riding … but only on the road. We have realised already that the riding technique in the terrain is different from what we know. Reading books and learning the theory has brought us a bit closer to this knowledge, but it is still not the same as a look of an expert. (more…)