Adjusting the plan

Everything was going according to plan almost like a Swiss watch, until to the last moment. We have sent all our belongings to Poland, Łukasz gave notice at his work, I have sold the business. We moved out of the house. Last three weeks we were going to live with friends while waiting for a flight to Poland. (more…)


Way back home

We got it! We present you the outline of the “long way home” route we want to travel during our motorcycle journey. Of course, this is just an idea. A plan that we will not stick to rigidly, but we leave space for unexpected events, which probably we will remember for the longest time. After all, the best adventures happen when are unplanned and unexpected, do not they? 😉 (more…)


Test Eurotrip 08-09/2019, part 2.

Day 9. 31/08

Alwin went his own way but before we set out we have to buy compulsory insurance for Albania. There is a small shed outside the port looking like container converted into the office. An agent sits behind the ramshackle desk and laboriously write out insurances. Everybody standing in the long queue is confused. This is because not everyone is prepared to pay only cash and in euros. Including us, because we planned to withdraw the local currency from an ATM or pay by card. (more…)


Test Eurotrip 08-09/2019, part 1.

Day 1. 23/08

Normally during foreign motorcycle expeditions, we have to first get out of the island by ferry. Not sure about the intensity of “holiday” traffic, we set off early having a lot of time in case of bad traffic. Because the ride is smooth, we are in the port before the scheduled time. We get in a queue and slowly ride towards check-in gates. One by one we pass the guard, who sometimes stops someone randomly for a luggage check. And we are this “random”! Oh, for what we were meticulous packing and clogging every free space in a bags since everything will have to be removed! Fortunately, the customs officer only puts a card with pictures in front of us, asking if we have any of the items shown. Well, the machete would not fit in our luggage. The drawing also shows other tools and knives, but I hope our sheath knife does not count. We deny and the customs officer lets us go without looking into the panniers. Phew! (more…)


Enduro training

Lessons of proper riding in the terrain

We have a lot of experience in motorcycle riding … but only on the road. We have realised already that the riding technique in the terrain is different from what we know. Reading books and learning the theory has brought us a bit closer to this knowledge, but it is still not the same as a look of an expert. (more…)