The first time met with success!

Winter is behind us, the birds are coming promising a warmer (hopefully!) season of the year, the day is getting longer and we can start to get used to our motorbikes in the terrain. Last season was a garage time to learn their construction and content as well as preparation, repairing and service. Now is a good time to test them! Not only motorcycles but also our talent and skills, because we cannot say anything about the experience yet. Fortunately, according to the saying, novices always succeed!

At our first time, we choose a short route nearby. The level of difficulty is low, but the mud and puddles after a constant rain slightly increase this level. Who would have thought it is so much fun! We can feel strong inertia and it is amazing! Wheels choose their own independent tracks, doing nothing to our attempts to control. The smile on our faces and joyfulness grows in direct proportion to the amount of mud on motorcycles and us.

Excitement does not diminish when we reach a massive puddle with ruts. As this is our complete first time, we overcome them by “pedalling” through it. And we can already call ourselves experts! 😉

It looks like:

Relax, luckily we still have a lot of time to train. 😀

And I have two conclusions:

  1. I need higher shoes.
  2. I need any theory to be able to change it into practice and make overcoming obstacles easier.

After the return, I look for a thorough study of a book teaching off-road riding techniques.

And impatiently we look forward to the next trip!


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