Devon in Great Britain – first drone experience

Three months ago, the world stopped. At one moment we all lost what was usual and ordinary for us – the ability to travel freely and meet other people. Everyone had some plans and everyone had to postpone or modify them. As most of you know, we also planned a motorcycle trip around the world. It was supposed to start last spring, but we believe all is not lost that is delayed. We are on our toes and wait for the green light to be able to start our adventure. But how long? Hard to predict. Nowadays planning even the next week is uncertain. The situation in the world changes dynamically every day. (more…)


Off-road on the training ground

Dances with tanks

Unlike Poland, there are not many places in England, that can be legally used to ride off-road. At least it is hard for us – rookies, to find such information. We often hear about Wales, but these paths are for those who are definitely more advanced than us. We ask friends and it turns out that there is a huge training ground with off-road lanes. And it is about an hour and a half away from us, near Salisbury. We have to explore the area! (more…)


Our first off-road trip

The first time met with success!

Winter is behind us, the birds are coming promising a warmer (hopefully!) season of the year, the day is getting longer and we can start to get used to our motorbikes in the terrain. Last season was a garage time to learn their construction and content as well as preparation, repairing and service. Now is a good time to test them! (more…)