Three months ago, the world stopped. At one moment we all lost what was usual and ordinary for us – the ability to travel freely and meet other people. Everyone had some plans and everyone had to postpone or modify them. As most of you know, we also planned a motorcycle trip around the world. It was supposed to start last spring, but we believe all is not lost that is delayed. We are on our toes and wait for the green light to be able to start our adventure. But how long? Hard to predict. Nowadays planning even the next week is uncertain. The situation in the world changes dynamically every day.

We realise that we will not set off that soon. We do not want to waste time, so decided to buy a drone that we will take on our journey! Łukasz had it in mind to buy it for some time but apart from many pros, there were also cons, such as additional electronics that need to be charged and protected, or extra weight in luggage. Eventually, the lockdown encouraged him to purchase. We will take advantage of the given time to learn how to use the equipment and how to shoot interesting films. We want our travel memories to be even more beautiful and see the world from a different perspective.

In the last moment, just before closing the borders, we managed to withdraw the motorcycles from being shipped to the United States. Phew, we were lucky and we made the right decision! Otherwise, motorcycles would have been waiting for us in New York probably for a year. All flights were cancelled and we decided to wait out a pandemic in England. Here are more cases than in Poland, and the restrictions are more stringent. Despite it, we found more reasons to stay in the UK. It is still far from “normality” we remember before the pandemic began, but the restrictions slowly and gradually decrease. In Poland, people already can travel around the country, spend the night away from home and go to restaurants. We do not yet have such freedom, but the government has eased the bans and one of the changes is the possibility of going further than just in our area. We would not be ourselves if we did not take this chance, so we head to the coast in North Devon where have not been yet! And of course, we take new equipment too for a first real flight.

And this is a great choice! The views extending from the jagged cliffs are spectacular. We climb to the summit early in the morning to be able to use the drone in accordance with regulations that do not allow the presence of other people in the area. The short sleep is rewarded by the beautiful lighting of the rising sun and a cluster of mountain goats grazing lazily on a steep ridge. Here, we start the day with several flights, enjoy the breakfast with a beautiful view and after the “ohing!” we move on.

Throughout the day, we walk the path along the coast. Behind every rise, behind every hill, when it seems that we have already seen the best, more beautiful scenery reveals. Łukasz worries that 3 batteries will not be enough for him to record these beautiful places! Rocks cut sharply into the sea forcing the waves to change direction. These sometimes collide with each other coming from opposite directions. Beautiful weather and sun accompany us throughout the trip, and in a few days the skin will come off from the shoulders! But it is worth! Or next time we just need to remember about the sun lotion. 😉

You are welcome to see video from North Devon below and more photos in the gallery. This is our first experience with the drone and we love it! More skills will come with experience, but Łukasz already has a lot of ideas!



David Skogley · 26 June 2020 at 15:55

Just found your blog and website (while looking at some 21 Brothers bags!) and it looks really good! It must be hard having to pospone your trip, but I guess it’s a good thing that the pandemic didn’t catch you while you were riding across the US (my original home), as things seem to be a real mess there. I hope you can soon get started and in the mean time, if you are near Berlin, you are always welcome! Hang in there!

    Monia · 28 June 2020 at 13:01

    Hi David! Thank you a lot! We are happy you like it! We stay optimistic. As you said we are lucky that it happened just before our journey. Otherwise, we could get stuck in the US. We update our plans on FB:
    What do you think about 21 Brothers bags? Are you going to get them? They really do good job for us.
    Thanks! When we are close to Berlin, we will be happy to meet you! Take care!

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