Off-road on training ground # 2

Recently we have discovered a superb area for off-roading, but we have not managed to go through all the places, so we return to the Salisbury training ground. This time for longer, whole three days!Four days were planned, but we leave the day later due to problems with my KTM – an oil leaks from suspension. The repair turns out to be quite simple, as one of the adjusters o-ring has to be replaced. Because Łukasz disassembles the forks first time, it takes a little more time than he would like to. But three days are great too!


Day 1.

We still do not have professional panniers, so we pack up to two old ones completely not suiting technically and stylishly. We strap them to the rack so they can hold somehow. In addition, we have two small 15 litre panniers, which we bought along with Lukasz motorcycle. However, we do not plan to use them for a long time. To sum up, it is a stopgap solution, but it is important that it works – we have something to pack up and we can go! 😉

On the way, Luki loses the phone, which probably fell out of the tank bag. He realises 30 km farther from the place where he used it for the last time. In addition, we are on a dual carriageway, so there is no chance to turn back or stop anywhere. At the first possible layby, we verify this loss calling his mobile number. Only voicemail answers, what confirms our belief that the phone lies somewhere on the road and car after car is pressing it into the ground. Well, it is not the best start, but fortunately, we have another phone, so we do not give up our plans.
After reaching the campsite, we are surprised that our “usual” place is fully booked. Fortunately, the owner agrees to pitch a tent on a piece of grass which is outside the designated area. For that, we have a nice neighbour – a horse cropping the grass. 😉

Despite the late hour, we still use the time and the possibility of training. Since the last time we were at the range, it rained a lot, so today the puddles are bigger, although we ride rather smoothly. So far, we have been checking the depth of water before we decided to paddle. However always, it was relatively shallow. Come on, how deep holes tanks or big cars can dig in the ground? Thus we start to pass freely what is slightly easier for me because Łukasz usually rides before me. What a surprise when he rides into the deeper puddle than he expected! He goes through it without any problems, but water wave splashes him all over! We stop for a mandatory break to clean the helmet visor and the camera! It was so much fun! I get the impression that he wants to go through it again, but finally, he gives up on it. 😉

In addition to the different depth of the puddles, we discover a grooved route in a small forest. We squeeze in and pass it, although it is more suitable for smaller and lighter dirt bikes. The boys definitely go crazy here, jump on the bumps or go through corners leaning over to the side and not letting the centrifugal force throw them off the track. We have fun too, but a bit different way.

In the evening, Łukasz deals with a lost phone, blocks SIM cards and all passwords. Phew, when we get back home the new SIM card should wait for him. It is getting late, and with peace of mind, we go to sleep.

Today we also make another small step to success – we do not drop bikes even once!


Day 2.

The day greets us with a bright sun and a cold wind. After a rich breakfast, we get on motorcycles and ride in the direction where we noticed an unknown route yesterday and we promised ourselves to check it. Ultimately, we do not reach it, because every now and then we find a newer and more interesting piece of land to explore. We also pass a group of marching soldiers, even though we are still far from the training ground. Well, the area is full of barracks.

So far Łukasz overcame all obstacles unscathed. Probably, during this trip, he envied my experience in falling over and decides to catch up with me. He goes all in having three crashes within a short period of time! At the first time, his surprised and shocked face asking “How could this happen?!” is the funniest thing. At the second one, I only can hear a variety of words, from those milder to the less kind. 😉 At third crash, I cannot stop laughing seeing the motorcycle with Łukasz tied up in holly bushes. With each attempt to free himself, the bushes stuck into the suit pull him back inside. Fortunately, the support (it means I 😉 ) comes and hardly rescues him from the trap. Hardly, because the laughter attack does not help.

The rain is forecasted for the afternoon, but we hope to come back to the campsite before it. A couple of days ago, we found out about the photographic competition that judges pictures presenting “a holiday with Kwark”. This is the company making thermoactive clothes. We always have holidays, 😉 so we take this opportunity and look for an interesting place to take photos. Luki is relaxing and have a rest sitting in the grass, leaned against the motorcycle. Acres of grass fields are rolling in the background and a few trees appear somewhere in the distance. Stormy, dark clouds and gusty wind threaten the rains… This is a great scenery for a photo! TICK! And we have it! The next shot is a bit different, TICK, we have another picture. Maybe we will win…

Moments later, torrential rain catches us. We hide under the tree seeing how the situation develops. Nothing better is in the air, so we return to the tent in a downpour. Everything is cold, wet and sticky. Luckily, we have this great comfort that we can take a long, hot shower. We want to cook something but it is still pouring. We hide under a small roof from the nearby shed. It protects us enough that we manage to have a barbecue and a delicious dinner! We spend the evening in the tent – getting wet in the cold rain is not our favourite entertainment.


Day 3.

The last day is enriched with additional attractions. After yesterday’s downpour, the grass became terribly slippery. More puddles, more mud and more fun, but also a bigger risk of falls. Today it is my turn to hit the ground a few times when Łukasz after yesterday experiences rides more carefully. The result of the day is Monia 2 – 0 Luki. 😉 Well, there is no proper off-road without tipping over. 😉

We have fully used three days and happy, though battered and frozen, we return home.



We won the contest! 🙂 Yay! The jury liked “A man contemplating the beauty of nature. Peace, the moment of stopping. Quietude.” We get a buzz out of it! 🙂

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