Ride with the … river current.

Today, on our second off-road, we choose a slightly longer, more than 20-kilometer route with a hypothetically average level of difficulty.

We start steeply up the road in the forest. The part of the route is short and further it is easier although the terrain is not completely flat. We whistle (so far said a lot) across the hills and valleys, through fields and forests, on a grass, sand and loose stone, in mud and puddles. A bit of everything!

One of the most interesting sections is crossing the flooded part of the road. You have to drive along, not across. We stop in front of the “puddle” to assess its bottom condition, and above all the depth. Łukasz with higher and more waterproof shoes explores the terrain. The bottom is stony, but not deep. The first thought tells me to take a motorbike along the path on the side. But I cannot always avoid obstacles. Łukasz goes first without any fear. He accelerates a bit too much and causes a wave, but he passes rather smoothly. This view and his words encourage me, so I try as well. The engine stalls several times, but I make it through! And even water does not get into my shoes!

The end of our route transforms into a very demanding section for us. Large loose stones lie on the path falling steeply down. I would call our activity a roll at a slow-pace than a fast, dynamic downhill, though Łukasz goes much more efficiently. Drops of sweat run down our foreheads, clothes stick to the body, but we make it! This is the last section for today, so we take a break to cool down, dry out and start heading home.

We could not do without harmless falls. The first one is caused by too high gear while going uphill and the engine stalls. The second time is caused by the rut – I look just before me instead to a front where I am heading, I do not keep the wheel in the track and I fall. Łukasz stays upright all the time! Sometimes I can hear from him that he has to overtake me to keep this balance. Otherwise, it would be too slow for him. For me, my pace does not bother me, but I’m working hard on a speed not to go around the globe for 20 years. 😉

So far, experience gained on road bikes helps, but can also interfere. Of course, operating of the motorcycle is the same, but the technical way of riding – completely different, which is new to me 😉 I have to admit that I have not finished reading a book about off-road riding techniques. However, now I will know how not to be beaten by ruts!

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