Luggage plate

Let’s be fair!

I was planning to put this description in one article, which would include information about the pannier rack and the luggage plate. So I will not make the Workshop menu look like a neverending story. 😉 However, as I sat down with a coffee in my hand to read what I wrote, I was horrified to say I could not do it. It would not be fair to the manufacturer of the plate. I still feel a little bit of disgust when I think about pannier rack. The luggage plate did not cause too much trouble, although I had to modify it. (more…)

Dżwignia hamulca po oraniu - Rear brake lever after ploughing

Rear brake lever


I like bagels. 🙂 Those traditional, from Cracow. I liked them since I was a kid. I come from Cracow, so as a child I had opportunities to eat lots of them. In my opinion, the best are with sesame. I like pretzels too but as for me, it is a bagel copycat. I have never checked what was first – pretzel or bagel. 😉 Although, what KTM used in their 690 Enduro many years after the recipe for baked goods has been perfected, is missing the good taste. By users very often called “pretzel”. (more…)


LED lights

Let the night become a day

As the second stage of fun with lights, I decided to add two LED lights. We came to the conclusion that we do not need to send a beam of the spotlight at great distances and by pointing them towards the sky, try to contact aliens. (more…)



Oops, my battery is dead!

A few years ago a law was introduced in Europe that dictates manufacturers to automatically switch on lights in their motorcycles. Good, it should be safer on roads for everyone. But why did not anybody suggested to use time relay that will automatically switch lights on AFTER engine is running and the alternator does its job? (more…)


Wire harness

What are all those wires for?

Sometimes I wonder where all these cables can be stuffed. ? It is a lot of them and I am not a big fan of electrical components (not to mention electronics…) But well, every sensor, switch, light, computer, etc., etc., needs its connecting kit. The wires are pressed into small gaps, crushed by other components of the motorcycle. (more…)


Subframe Tank Mounting Bolts

To get home in one piece

Sometimes it happens that the genuine bolts holding the fuel tank with a frame crack and break due to kilometres travelled, weight put on them and time. And I ask myself a question: how many cable ties should be used to put it back in place and be able to get to the nearest workshop without dragging the rear of the motorcycle behind? Even worse, if you do not have as many as needed… (more…)