Fuel tank update

The fuel tanks finally found their place on motorcycles after months of lying on the garage floor. Few weeks before leaving on KTMs from the UK, I installed tanks so during next several trips we were able to get used to the new character of riding with the added weight in front. (more…)


Motorcycle seats

Medicine for pain in the arse

No more suffering! Our motorcycle seats are modified so at the thought of jumping on the motorcycle, we do not look for further excuses not to ride or dream of a comfortable sofa in the living room of our house. (more…)


Steering damper

Power steering

The steering damper was not our priority. Honestly, we did not focus on buying it at all. We have been riding motorcycles for a few years and so far we have not had a situation when our skills were not enough to get out of trouble in the situation of uncontrolled handlebar movements, called shimmy. The fact is that we have never experienced real, cruel shimmy… (more…)


Scottoiler – motorcycle chain oiler

Extending chain lifespan

This accessory does not have to be presented to anyone who has contact with the world of motorcycles. For those, who do not know what I talk about: Scottoiler is a company that makes motorcycle chain oilers among other things. The device is responsible (as name shows) for keeping the drive chain and sprockets oiled, to extend their lifespan. (more…)

Kouba link KTM8-2

Kouba Link

Lowering the bike – Monia can finally reach the ground

Sometimes what seems to be a very good solution for one person turns out to be a punishment for the other. That’s what happened in the case of the height of the motorcycle seat, which fits my needs. Unfortunately, Monika did not fully share my optimistic opinion. With her 171 cm height and seating point at 935 mm, the situation was a little complicated. In fact, she barely reached the ground with the tips of her boots, while I was more confident in putting my foot on the tarmac. This caused several bike drops when riding in the terrain, as she could not reach the ground. Wham! Every now and again KTM landed on its side. Fortunately, Monika usually avoided being crushed by a motorcycle, by jumping off to the side. (more…)


Trail stand

The light version of a centre stand

In the life of every motorcycle traveller, there will be a moment when he will have to face a punctured tyre problem. This may be pretty easy with tubeless tyres. All he needs to do is use a repair kit like pressurised tyre sealant or plug special rubber strip into the hole. Then get to the nearest tyre fitter, where he can make a professional repair. However, in motorcycles with inner tubes, the situation gets a little more complicated. (more…)


Luggage plate

Let’s be fair!

I was planning to put this description in one article, which would include information about the pannier rack and the luggage plate. So I will not make the Workshop menu look like a neverending story. 😉 However, as I sat down with a coffee in my hand to read what I wrote, I was horrified to say I could not do it. It would not be fair to the manufacturer of the plate. I still feel a little bit of disgust when I think about pannier rack. The luggage plate did not cause too much trouble, although I had to modify it. (more…)


Pannier rack

Fu*k! Nothing fits here!

Well, that is the easiest way to describe it. It was supposed to be: “buy, put on and use it”, but ended up with “WTF? cut, weld, grind, paint”… Ok, step by step, how it happened. (more…)

Dżwignia hamulca po oraniu - Rear brake lever after ploughing

Rear brake lever


I like bagels. 🙂 Those traditional, from Cracow. I liked them since I was a kid. I come from Cracow, so as a child I had opportunities to eat lots of them. In my opinion, the best are with sesame. I like pretzels too but as for me, it is a bagel copycat. I have never checked what was first – pretzel or bagel. 😉 Although, what KTM used in their 690 Enduro many years after the recipe for baked goods has been perfected, is missing the good taste. By users very often called “pretzel”. (more…)