Let’s be fair!

I was planning to put this description in one article, which would include information about the pannier rack and the luggage plate. So I will not make the Workshop menu look like a neverending story. 😉 However, as I sat down with a coffee in my hand to read what I wrote, I was horrified to say I could not do it. It would not be fair to the manufacturer of the plate. I still feel a little bit of disgust when I think about pannier rack. The luggage plate did not cause too much trouble, although I had to modify it.

I ordered it from the Nomad-ADV in the Netherlands. Mike, whom I had contact with, and his father, travelled the world on motorcycles a few years ago. Now he uses his experience to produce accessories for future travellers. The plate is made of 5 mm thick aluminium. It is well profiled and looks neatly. It has a lot of holes to attach luggage and has a large surface to mount an additional bag.

Although the luggage plate is made quite well, I had to modify its construction. During my offroad rides, I carried on it a rucksack full of necessary tools, tyre tubes, water and food. I do not know the weight of the whole luggage, but it was not the lightest. Unfortunately, after I got back home I realized the plate has bent a little bit. The idea of how to modify it I picked up from my friend, who rides with a plate from another manufacturer. Reinforcement has been made of 6082 T6 5 mm aluminium plate. Base on the Nomad-ADV plate I measured, cut and bent (if I knew how hard it would be to do it in home conditions without proper equipment, I probably would not try it :P) the element which attached to the original part and the motorcycle, strengthens it. The new test took place during our return after a winter break trip. As same as before, my rucksack filled with all supplies and tools has ended up strapped to a luggage plate. This time, after a few days on a road the plate held its shape.

As the second test went well, I used the same solution in Monika’s motorcycle.

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