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Sometimes it happens that the genuine bolts holding the fuel tank with a frame crack and break due to kilometres travelled, weight put on them and time. And I ask myself a question: how many cable ties should be used to put it back in place and be able to get to the nearest workshop without dragging the rear of the motorcycle behind? Even worse, if you do not have as many as needed…

I do not want to check it and because we plan a lot of miles, with most of our luggage attached to the tank, the risk increases. I replaced the original bolts with reinforced type made by Rally Raid Products. The main difference is that the original screw is cut from one element, accessory from two.

In the genuine bolt, the thread that screws into the frame comes out from the thicker part of the bolt which holds the tank. In the place where the thread ends and bolt gets wider is small undercut and this is a place where it can break. While riding on bumps, the tank can make some small movements and systematically weaken the cropped part. Eventually, small cracks may appear and it is easy to foresee what can happen next.

The accessory, reinforced bolt should be screwed in from the inside of the motorcycle first, and then the second part, which holds the tank should be put on. The two-part element should be able to withstand forces that affect it. And even if it cracks anyway, the repair will be much easier. The element that can break is a normal bolt (ok, bolt used should be correct hardness). It is definitely easier to get it out and replace it with a new one.

Modification very simple and should not take more than half an hour to deal with both bikes. But there could not do without surprise. After replacement, I should attach a fairing to the outside of a new tank bolt, by screwing a smaller one into it. When tried to do it, the fairing screw did not fit. And it was supposed to be “take the old one out and put a new one in”… After an investigation, I noticed that the thread inside new tank bolt was not fully made and the screw thread had nothing to catch. I do not have a tap and die set in my garage tools, but luckily friend from work did have a size I needed. After re-tapping everything started to fit.

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