Replace it before you break your key!

The genuine fuel filler in the 690 is operated with a key. Unfortunately, the locking mechanism works hard. It gets stuck causing a high risk of breaking a weak key.

It has a stylish shape that matches the seat and fairing. It looks modest but good. Take such on a ride in the mud, have some fun, play and then appear at the petrol station dirty, but all in smiles and in a wonderful mood… And here the trouble may appear – part of the mud, which unfortunately did not reach the rider’s back, can land on a filler at the back of the motorcycle. When opening the filler, some of the dirt can fall into the tank creating a threat to the fuel pump and injector. It’s just a matter of time for a pump to fail prematurely.

To prevent this, I installed an aluminium filler adaptor from Rally Raid Products. The screw-on cap eliminates the problem of the broken key and even when covered in mud, is an element that can be cleaned quickly. The slender and high neck of the adaptor protects against dirt which surrounds filler. Additionally, thanks to different construction I can install inlet fuel filter, by many called a sock. It lies just under the adaptor. With genuine fuel filler, I would not have a possibility to do this.

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