Extending chain lifespan

This accessory does not have to be presented to anyone who has contact with the world of motorcycles. For those, who do not know what I talk about: Scottoiler is a company that makes motorcycle chain oilers among other things. The device is responsible (as name shows) for keeping the drive chain and sprockets oiled, to extend their lifespan.

Without a chain oiler, the chain should be lubricated on average every 500 km, depending on the conditions in which a motorcycle is used. As during a long trip it should be done regularly, I would need to make some extra space for a grease spray can in limited luggage. Additionally, using it every other day may be frustrating over time. Especially that the chain should be thoroughly cleaned every two or three lubrication. Furthermore, the excess grease sticks to everything it can and creates dirty, sticky slime during a ride, which needs to be cleaned regularly. When using a chain oiler, many of the “inconveniences” listed above disappear.

The type of an oiler which is used in our motorcycles works thanks to the engine vacuum, as it is connected to a throttle body. Underpressure opens a valve in a reservoir enabling the oil to flow. Because of gravity, it slowly flows down to the plastic needle and drop by drop gets to the rear sprocket. Centrifugal force distributes oil to the chain links. The amount of applied oil should be set depending on terrain ridden and weather conditions. Properly adjusted oil flow decreases soiling of surrounding elements. Once reservoir tank is filled up, it lasts for much more kilometres than chain grease applied several times. The system is huge facilitator, as all it needs is just to make sure we have not run out of oil from the tank. But the most important, if used properly it extends motorcycle chain lifespan.

Of course, there are lots of other types of oilers on a market. Electronically controlled are more accurate and have many options. But as it goes with all electronics, it can create more unnecessary issues. Used by us Scottoiler V System is well known and tested by other road users chain oiler.

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