The new rocker arms do the job – they push the valves 😀 , the rollers turn flawlessly, I could not find any unnecessary play when checked them. Like in the sweetest dream. I will not say a bad word, although I am aware that their durability will not allow us to ride through the world without the need to have them replaced along the way. Probably more than twice. They should be treated as one of the elements to be replaced every xx xxx km. But this update is not about it.

I have heard of situations where the rocker roller shaft slipped out while the engine was running. Even in an upgraded version. The effect, as you might guess, devastating. Especially for a motorcyclist who, after taking the valve cover off, wonders what has just happened here…

The solution is really easy – 3 to 4 hits with a hammer and centre punch in each side of a roller shaft. At the edge of it. In this place metal will spread asides a little, not allowing for a shaft to move out. The solution is so simple but very effective!

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