The fuel tanks finally found their place on motorcycles after months of lying on the garage floor. Few weeks before leaving on KTMs from the UK, I installed tanks so during next several trips we were able to get used to the new character of riding with the added weight in front. The difference is noticeable, but it does not cause us any major discomfort. And finally, thanks to the additional 14 litres of fuel and good fuel consumption, we managed to cover over 600 km between refuelling. Not bad! Personally, I am satisfied with the range and strength of the tanks themselves. Well, in Albania, there were few, sometimes spectacular crashes which I wish I did not remember. 😉 Fortunately, tanks got out from all situations with almost no scratch at all!

The installation of the tank proceeded quickly, as most modifications to the motorcycle were made several months earlier. To attach it to the frame, I had to make some brackets modification – but no big deal. One element had to be ground a bit, in another had to enlarge the mounting hole, so that the bolts could align properly with the frame fixing points or the motorcycle seat could be installed without a problem. Besides, I changed the position of the fuel tap so the fuel from the Safari Tank will completely drain into the main one.

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