During our test trip through Europe, the fuel filter under the filler – the so-called sock – made us a little surprise. Well, when refuelling Monika noticed a lack of it. 😀 Hmmmm, it didn’t evaporate. 😉Initially, I suspected that the wire connecting filter and holder has undone and filter got sucked into the tank. However, it turned out that the holder under the fuel filler, which is made of plastic printed in 3D technology, has delaminated and fell into the tank together with the filtering part. The “fishing” for the filter had to wait until we stopped for a while longer. I needed to lift the fuel tank up to be able to reach the lowest part, where probably loss had settled.

After getting it out, I decided to burn holes in the plastic part with heated wire, and then connect the upper part with the filtering part using aa copper wire. In this form, the filter reached Kraków, catching more dirt from petrol stations along the way. 🙂

After contacting the filter manufacturer – Profill Australia – and describing the problem, I received instructions on where to send the filters from both motorcycles back. People responsible for the construction wanted to check what caused the crack. As part of the product warranty, we received two brand-new filters.

On the last picture can see that since the day we bought our first filters, changes were made to the design of the holder. It has been redesigned and bolded in the place where the delamination occurred. It shows me that the manufacturer is constantly working on improving the product.

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