Plastic bombastic

Damn, to mount an engine guard made of plastic onto such a motorcycle?? Someone at KTM marketing/sales department took care of future accessory parts sale. The genuine guard may be good enough for everyday use, but it will fall apart with a stronger impact. For me, a compulsory exchange.

There is a quite large selection of engine guards for our motorcycles, equipped with clever accessory containers, tool boxes etc. Yeah, and manufacturers cap the price of the product. As I am not afraid of second-hand products, I decided that it is worth waiting and not throwing £££ cash only for the fact that I will be the first to use it. I found mine quite quickly and had it in my hands before I collected my motorcycle. 😉 It took some time before I managed to win a guard auction for the second bike, but it was worth waiting. Both motorcycles now have the same model of aluminium shield from KTM Powerparts. Maybe it is one of the basic types, but certainly much stronger than what came with a motorcycle.

In addition, I decided to put aluminium covers on the clutch and alternator sides, as they are the most protruding parts of the engine. Some said it is an unnecessary gadget, but as for me, taking care of the engine is one of the most important points. With bent forks, I still should be able to crawl to a place where it can be exchanged. But with a broken engine It would not be possible. As crashes may happen much more often than I would like to, hard parts of the surface can quickly and effectively break through the engine body, stopping us until the hole is filled. And let’s have a hope no sand or other bits got into the engine!!

I bought our covers from a polish seller. They are shaped for a certain model of a bike and made of 2,5 mm thick aluminium. To install them, a large amount of RTV silicone on the inside of the cover had to be applied and then pressed against the engine part. And that is all! Just had to wait another 24-48 hours for the silicone to settle and the motorcycle was ready to go.

Engine guard update

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