Or rather lack of it

KTM 690 Enduro R has not got the largest fuel tank in its class – only 12 litres. Even with low consumption, which in our bikes oscillates around 4 litres, it allows us to travel up to 300 km. Not much for a future traveller bike, that is why we need a second one. The main tank is built into the back of the motorcycle. There is plastic fairing at the front we do not need, so the option is simple – an additional tank goes instead of them. There is not a large selection of accessory tanks on the market. Of course, there are companies specializing in extras for our motorcycles, but they ask a lot of money for it. At least here in Europe.

After searching the internet and getting information about the durability and reliability of products of individual companies, I contacted Safari Tanks in Australia. I asked if it is possible to get their tank straight from them. The answer was fast and positive. 馃檪 We managed to save a lot of money in comparison to what we would have to pay if we decided to buy from a European seller. Although, the tanks had to be transported from another continent and customs duties were paid for purchases outside the EU.

The capacity of the second tank is 14 litres, which doubles our distance!! 26 litres in total is not bad. Adding jerry can on top of it, should get us through many, fuel-less places, without unnecessary stress!!

Another advantage is tank design thanks to the radiator of our motorcycles is additionally protected on the sides. And the tank itself, when crashed while riding off-road or on a tarmac, does not crack, does not break. I obtained this data after reading many opinions of users of these tanks used not only on KTM bikes.聽 And hopefully, it is true. 馃榾

The initial assembly was carried out during the modification of the fuel pump and filters. The fuel pump holder has to be drilled in three places to ensure the correct flow of petrol from the main and additional tank to a pump. The instructions from the manufacturer are clear and contain all but one of the information. It does not specify at what height I should drill a 4 mm hole so that the fuel from the second tank will have a free flow to the main one. Only the term “…drill a corresponding hole 4 mm in diameter through the pump holder that lines up with the adapter inlet” appears. Well, it is about 6 mm from the bottom of the holder. I had to look for this place for a while, I have measured聽the adapter several times to make sure it was correct. Once I drill a hole in the wrong place, I will not be able to move it. 馃槢 The drill was made, the adapter installed, I checked the fuel flow and everything looked good. Super, happy I looked for more information about the tanks and then found a video with instructions!! It confirmed that the hole I drilled is in the right place. It is good that I was able to measure the right distance. However, next time I will check if there is any information on the Internet before I do some alterations to so important elements. 馃榾

Assembly of tanks coming soon, because as long as we ride on the surrounding routes, we do not need extra fuel.


Fuel tank update

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